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Stories Concept

Experience a special and unique time of temple lodging and feel the energy of Kukai.

At the temple lodgings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Koyasan, our guests can find the valuable experiences of meditation, sutra transcription, and Goma (holy fire offering) ceremonies.
This plan also offers a special course meal of Shojin-Ryori (vegetarian Buddhist cuisine) and the opportunity to relax in a suite room with a garden and semi-open-air bath.

Additionally, we take you on a special private guided tour of the Okunoin, the inner sanctuary and the most sacred place of Koyasan.

Along the approximately 2-kilometer approach from Ichinohashi (the First Bridge) to the mausoleum where Kukai the Great Teacher, is believed to rest, you will encounter over 200,000 tombstones and ancient cedar trees that have stood for a thousand years. This is truly an extraordinary experience for both the mind and body in the one-of-a-kind setting of sacred Koyasan.

Basic Plan

Location Koyasan, Wakayama Prefecture
Special Experiences A special private guided tour of the Okunoin (inner sanctuary).
※ Tour only offered in English.
Accomodation Temple Lodging Ekoin ※ 1 Night 2 Meals (Dinner and Breakfast of Shojin Ryori)
Room Types Suite Room "Gachirin" equipped with a semi-open-air bath and garden.
※ There is only 1 room of this type.
Transportation Service Departure Location Osaka Station, Kansai International Airport, Itami Airport, Kyoto Station, Osaka City, Kyoto City etc ⇄ Your Place of Stay
※ Driver able to communicate in English.
※ Staff at the Temple Lodging can communicate in English.
※ A Guide Interpreter will accompany you during the tour of the Okunoin.
Prices From ¥940,000 (For 1 night / 2 guests and 1 room)
※ Prices are subject to change depending on the selected season.


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