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Taste the best Fugu cuisine in Japan which can only be found here.

We offer a special course featuring premium natural wild-caught Tiger Puffer (Fugu).

Fugu available to be procured at the market generally ranges from 800g to a maximum of 1.5kg in weight. However, near the Cape Irago and Mikawa Bay area, the weight of even the standard-sized Fugu ranges from an astonishing 1kg to 1.8kg, and the finest specimens can weigh over 3kg.
Guests can fully enjoy this exquisite and exotic cuisine of natural Tiger Puffer, often referred to as the "King of Japanese cuisine".

The luxurious inn combines historical charm with modern comfort and also offers a bathhouse where the pure waters of Irago Onsen hotspring can be enjoyed in relaxation.
This is one of Japan's must-visit destinations which offers an experience which cannot be found anywhere else and is most definitely worth taking the time to visit.

Basic Plan

Location Aichi Prefecture・Atsumi Peninsula・Cape Irago
Special Experiences Savor the finest natural Tiger Puffer (Fugu) cuisine course in all of Japan.
Accomodation Kakujoro ※ 1 Night and 2 Meals (Dinner and Breakfast.)
Room Types Suite room "Hagi" equipped with a open-air bath.
※ There is only 1 room of this type.
Transportation Service Departure Location Nagoya Station, Centrair International Airport etc ⇄ Your Place of Stay
※ A Guide Interpreter will accompany you.
※ Staff at the inn can communicate in English.
Prices From ¥770,000 (For 1 night / 2 guests and 1 room)
※ Prices are subject to change depending on the selected season.


Proceed to reservation form to enter information

Proceed to reservation form to enter information